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 Wise and Foolish

Wise and Foolish Album Sleeve


  • D. McKay Ngoni   (Vocal)
  • D. Tyson Tafadzwa   (Vocal)
  • W. Tyson Poko   (Vocal)
  • J. Brown Munya   (Keyboard)
  • D. Augustin Chop Chop   (Rhythm Guitar)
  • J. Peters Bampy   (Drums)
  • A. Henry Tsungi:   (Bass)
  • C. Sampson    (Lead Guitar)
  • D. Benjamin    (Lead Guitar)
  • G. Bedau    (Saxaphone)

"It is written that the meek shall inherit the Earth,
As it is written - so shall it be."

Track List

  1. Bail Out   (D Mckay/Misty in Roots)
  2. City Blues   (W Tyson/Misty in Roots)
  3. Wise and Foolish   (W Tyson/Misty in Roots)
  4. Live Up   (D Mckay/Misty in Roots)
  5. Life Boat   (W Tyson/Misty in Roots)
  6. Slavery Days   (D Tyson/Misty in Roots)
  7. Jah Bless Africa   (Misty in Roots)
  8. Peace and Love   (D Mckay/Misty in Roots)

Produced by: MISTY IN ROOTS
Published by:People Unite Publications Ltd. 1982

 This album is currently out of print

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