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Forward - Album Sleeve


  • Walford Tyson Poko   (Vocal)
  • Delbert McKay Ngoni   (Vocal)
  • Lawrence Crossfield Kaziwayi   (Lead)
  • Dennis Augustin Chop Chop   (Rhythm)
  • Delford Briscoe Tawanda   (Keys)
  • Desmond Charles Tendai   (Keys)
  • Antony Henry Tsungi   (Bass)
  • Julian Peters Bampy   (Drums)
    Featuring Colin Graham    (Trumpet)
                  Winston Rose    (Sax)
                  Winston Rollins    (Trombone)
                  Stephen Noel    (Guitar)

"With Misty in roots, no matter the struggle, no matter how many years have passed, we move together, slow and sure, and ever forward, forward...."

Track List

  1. Festa   (W Tyson/Misty in Roots)
  2. The Midas Touch   (W Tyson/Misty in Roots)
  3. Hawks on the Street   (W Tyson/Misty in Roots)
  4. Save a Thought   (D Mckay/Misty in Roots)
  5. Forward   (D Mckay/Misty in Roots)
  6. Jah See, Jah Know   (D Briscoe/Misty in Roots)
  7. Envy Us   (W Tyson/Misty in Roots)
  8. Look Before You Leap   (W Tyson/Misty in Roots)
  9. Feelings   (D Mckay/Misty in Roots)
  10. Sinners   (D Mckay/Misty in Roots)

Produced by: MISTY IN ROOTS
Published by:People Unite Publications Ltd. 1989

 This album is currently out of print

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