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 The John Peel Sessions

The John Peel Sessions - Album Sleeve

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  • W. Tyson Poko
    (Lead Vocal:1-7,12,13, Trumpet:7,9,10 + Harmony)
  • D. Tyson Duxie   (Lead Vocal:9-11 + Harmony)
  • D. McKay Ngoni   (Lead Vocal:5,7,13 + Harmony)
  • A. Henry Tsungirai:   (Bass:1-13)
  • J. Brown Munya   (Guitar:1,Piano:2-11,Drums:12)
  • J. Peters Bampy   (Drums:1-11 & 13)
  • G. Bedau Biddu   (Trmpet:2-4, Saxaphone 5-9)
  • D. Augustin Chop Chop
  • D. Briscoe Tawanda
  • V. Hunt    (Keys:1)
  • C. Sampson    (Lead:1-9)
  • B. Facey    (Lead:2-6)
  • L. Crossfield Kaziwayi
  • N. Nortey    (Saxaphone:10-11)
  • A. Harewood    (Saxaphone:11)
  • V. Hunt    (Keys:12,13)
  • A. McCalla    (Backing vocals: 1)
  • S. Williamson    (Saxaphone:13)
  • W. Simon    (MC: 3,Percussion 5 & 6)

MISTY IN ROOTS status in the canon of British Reggae is uparalleled; not just because of the band's longevity (19 years and still going strong) but also because they have stuck to their original brief of playing spiritual, rootsy African fusion reggae and preaching a message of unity and understanding as relavent today as it was in the heyday of Rock Against Racism in the late seveties as reflected in these series of sessions recorded for John Peel during that period.

Track List

  1. Babylon's Falling   (W Tyson/Misty in Roots)
  2. True Rasta Man   (W Tyson/Misty in Roots)
  3. Judgement Coming On The Land   (W Tyson/Misty in Roots)
  4. Sodom And Gomorrah   (W Tyson/Misty in Roots)
  5. Bail Out   (D Mckay/Misty in Roots)
  6. Wise And Foolish   (W Tyson/Misty in Roots)
  7. Live Up Jah Life   (D Mckay/Misty in Roots)
  8. Lifeboat   (W Tyson/Misty in Roots)
  9. Africa   (W Tyson/Misty in Roots)
  10. New Day   (D Tyson, D Augustin/Misty in Roots)
  11. Can't Stand It No More   (D Tyson/Misty in Roots)
  12. Wanderer   (W Tyson/Misty in Roots)
  13. Own Them Control Them   (D Mckay/Misty in Roots)

© 1995 Strange Fruit, © 1995 BBC
Published by:BBC 1979-86

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