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Musi-O-Tunya - Album Sleeve


  • D. Tyson Tafadzwa   (Vocal)
  • D. Briscoe Tawanda   (Keys)
  • W. Tyson Poko   (Vocal)
  • D. McKay Ngoni   (Vocal)
  • D. Augustin Tendai   (Rhythm)
  • J. Brown Munya   (Drums)
  • L. Crossfield Kaziwayi   (Lead)
  • A. Henry Tsungirai:   (Bass)
    Featuring Andy Harewood   (Sax)

"On the borders of Zimbabwe and Zambia lies one of the greater wonders of Mother Africa. The Smoke That Thunders (Musi-O-Tunya) stands a monument to Africa. There is so much which was never told."

Track List

  1. No Love   (D Briscoe, D Tyson/Misty in Roots)
  2. Food, Clothes and Shelter   (D Mckay/Misty in Roots)
  3. West Livity   (W Tyson/Misty in Roots)
  4. Ireation   (D Mckay/Misty in Roots)
  5. Economical Slavery   (D Mckay/Misty in Roots)
  6. Musi-O-Tunya   (D Tyson/Misty in Roots)
  7. Horizon   (D Tyson/Misty in Roots)
  8. Praises   (W Tyson/Misty in Roots)

Produced by: MISTY IN ROOTS
Published by:People Unite Publications Ltd. 1985

 This album is currently out of print

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