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Forward - Album Sleeve

Peter Marsh - BBC


  • W. Tyson Poko
    (Lead Vocal:1-7,12,13)(Trumpet:7,9,10)
  • D. Tyson Duxie   (Lead Vocal:9-11)
  • D. McKay Ngoni   (Lead Vocal:8)
  • A. Henry Tsungirai:   (Bass:1-13)
  • J. Brown Munya   (Drums:7-13)
  • J. Peters Bampy   (Drums:1-6)
  • D. Augustin Chop Chop
  • D. Briscoe Tawanda
  • V. Hunt    (Keys:12,13)
  • C. Sampson    (Lead:12,13)
  • C. Sampson    (Lead:7)
  • L. Crossfield Kaziwayi
  • D. McKay Ngoni   (Vocal)
  • N. Nortey    (Saxaphone:7,9,10)
  • A. Harewood    (Saxaphone:11)
  • V. Hunt    (Keys:12,13)
  • W. Simon MC   (MC: 12,13)

"Rejoice ! The return of Misty in Roots to the recording studio with 'Roots Contoller' marks 12 years since their last release - and the third phase in a career thats skanked over two decades. And be glad, those who treasure memories of Misty's sonorous steppers from way back in the 1970s, when their name was inseperable from the struggle of the conscious Dread against racism and fascism. Welcome, too, to those new initiates who seek a true roots reggae injection. For finally gathered here together is the best of Misty old and new, a survey of a lifelong commitment to music with meaning.

Track List

  1. True Rasta   (W Tyson)
  2. Cover Up   (W Tyson)
  3. How Long Jah   (W Tyson)
  4. Almighty   (W Tyson)
  5. Dance Hall Babylon   (W Tyson)
  6. On the Road   (W Tyson)
  7. Follow Fashion   (W Tyson/Misty in Roots)
  8. Ireation   (D Mckay/Misty in Roots)
  9. New Day   (D Tyson, D Augustin/Misty in Roots)
  10. Dreadful Dread   (D Tyson/Misty in Roots)
  11. Musi-O-Tunya   (D Tyson/Misty in Roots)
  12. Mankind (Live)   (D Tyson/Misty in Roots)
  13. Ghetto of the City   (W Tyson/Misty in Roots)

Produced by: MISTY IN ROOTS
Published by: One People Ltd. 2002

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