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 John Peel
1939 - 2004

From Misty in Roots Past, Present & future ....   memories
25 years of memories and support through the MIR Peel sessions, airplay, gigs and shared moments in time.
Throughout the MIR story John Peel was our Champion, to him and his family, we give
Thanks, Praises and ONE BIG LOVE.

The Peel Session Broadcast Dates
1: 13/06/79
2: 27/11/79
3: 29/09/80
4: 01/06/81
5: 03/01/83
6: 29/02/84
7: 20/05/85
8: 20/05/86
9: 23/07/03

The MIR Singers and Players of Instruments

Dennis 'Chop Chop' Augustine, Godwin Bedau, Delford 'Tawanda' Briscoe, Joe 'Munya' Brown, Joseph 'Tunga' Charles, Lawrence 'Kaziwayi' Crossfield, Desmond 'Bolo' Cumberbatch, Barry Facey, Donald 'Brother D' Griffiths, Niles Hailstones, Tony 'Tsungi' Henry, Vernon Hunt, Antoinette McCalla, Delbert 'Ngoni' McKay, Nol Nortey, Julian 'Bampy' Peters, Barry Prince, Winston Rose, Sam, Chesley Samson, William 'Smokes' Simon, Sylvester 'Spungi' Spooner, Delvin 'Duxie' Tyson, Walford 'Poco' Tyson, Steve Williamson.

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Margrave Of The Marshes by
John Peel, Sheila Ravenscroft, William Ravenscroft, Alexandra Ravenscroft, Florence Ravenscroft, Thomas Ravenscroft
(2005) Hardcover

John Peel John Peel 1939 to 2004
BBC News
BBC - Obituary
Thousands pay tribute

16/12/04: John Peel Night on Radio 1

John Peel Day 2005

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