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 Reggae Sundance, Eindhoven, Netherlands
14th August 2004

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Tawanda-Keys, Poko-Vocal, Niles-Djembe, Tunga-Guitar: Photo courtesy Sam Kargbo
Barry-Drums, Tsungi-Bass, Kaziwayi-Guitar: Photo courtesy Sam Kargbo
Tawanda-Keys, Poko-Lead Vocal, Drumton-Conga, Niles-Trumpet, Tunga-Guitar: Photo courtesy Sam Kargbo
Trevor-Trombone, Niles-Trumpet, Tawanda-Keys/harmony
Twanda-Keys, Niles-Trumpet, Tunga-Guitar, Barry-Drum, Poko-Vocal
MIR - Poko-Lead Vocal, Twanda-Keys/harmony, Trevor-Trombone, Niles-Djembe, Tunga-Guitar, Tsungi-Bass, Kazi-Guitar/harmony
Tsungi, Kaziwayi, Poko
Tsungi-Bass, Kaziwayi-Guitar/harmony, Poko-Lead Vocal
Misty in Roots
Tsungi-Bass, Kaziwayi-Guitar
Trevor-Trombone, Drumton-Conga, Niles-Trumpet
Tsungi-Bass, Poko-Lead Vocal, Kaziwayi-Guitar/harmony
All Aboard
The Journey
Nick - The Driver
Many Thanks to Brother Sam Kargbo for his Photos

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